Church Staff

Paul Darlington   Nicholsons
Paul Darlington - Vicar   Steve Nicholson - Curate
Paul is the vicar and heads up the staff team and church council. Paul is married to Gill and they have four daughters: Anna, Beth, Charlotte and Emily. He grew up near Wolverhampton and spent 11 years in London before serving in a parish church in Blackpool for 5 years. He is thankful for the serious promises he has made which help to keep him focused on what a vicar should be doing. Otherwise he might only ever play cricket, read books and eat steak.   Steve is married to Catherine and they have two young children. He has moved around the cities of Derby, Cambridge, Lancaster and London so is new to living in a market town.  He and Catherine met in Cambridge where they both worked for a church for a few years before three years training at Oak Hill College in North London.  He has been curate at Holy Trinity since summer 2015.  He enjoys being outside, but as a runner he finds his hand-eye coordination lets him down in most sports... When indoors, he enjoys reading and mending books.
Mark Addison    
Mark Addison - Youth and Families Minister    
Mark is married to Emma and has three young boys. He has served as Youth and Families Minister at Holy Trinity since 2007. He loves football, drumming, eating pizza with his wife and playing indoor rugby with his sons. Hailing from the Lake District, Mark appreciates the warmer climate down south in sunny Shropshire though he does enjoy reminiscing about Kendal Mint Cake, fishing on lake Windermere and starring in defence occasionally as a substitute for Kendal United FC under 14s.    

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